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For several years Inflatables are one of the most effective advertisements. To picture your Corporate Identity at the point of sale, we print your Inflatable with the latest digital printing technology. Your imagination has no limits. Every design is possible.

Our fans are CE certified and Made in Europe and the cloth is flame resistant (B1). You have the possibility to buy or to rent the inflatable. We welcome to store your skydancer and send it on schedule to your next event. We take on all the logistical effort for you. Feel free to contact us!

Sale of Skydancers

From your first idea to the final realization of the Inflatable, airlebniswelt is your partner! We offer our Inflatables with the latest digital printing technology. This technology can realize your design and your corporate identity. We develop the design with you. Trust in our experience. All materials are B1 (flame resistant) certified and the fans are manufactured in Europe.

We also store your Inflatables and take over the logistical effort before, during and after your event. So you can make sure that your inflatable will have a long life. Feel free to contact us.

Download the Conditions for sale of skydancers here.

Rent a Skydancer

Rent our Inflatables for your event. We offer our products with or without supervisor nationwide in Germany.
Contact us, we will workout a suitable solution for you

Download the Conditions  for rent of skydancers here.

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Here you can see a choice of the projects realized for our customers.


Skydancer in the Corporate Audi Design.


Skydancer with Standard Colors and Digital Print.


Skydancer for REWE (Standard Colors).


Skydancer partly with Digital Print, partly with...

Mayer Schuhe

Skydancer partly with Digital Print, partly with...


Skydancer in the Corporate Colors of Marktkauf.

Fuchs Oils

Digital Print on Spinnaker Nylon in the Corporate...

Deutsche Bank

Skydancer in the Corporate Colors of Deutsche...

Frankfurt Galaxy

Realization of four different applications for...


Skydancer with Digital Print.

Ministerium NRW

Realization of the Corporate Design with Digital...

Sparkasse Indoor Skydancer

Sparkasse Indoor Skydancer 2-3m Height.

Transport Cases

Transport Cases in the Corparate Design of the...